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To dog or not to dog???

Many people like to cherish pets, but before adopting or getting a dog, it's really important to understand what "living with a dog" really means.

It's not just about feeding or walking her. It's about relationship! And just like in any other relationship, communication, respect, understanding and love are basically important.

Dogs have different needs, depending on the breed, on their behavior on the kind of life they had and many other factors.

If you get a puppy who had a good impritning is different than adopting an adult from a shelter


The first question we might ask ourselves is: " are we really ready to change our whole life and reorganize it, because of the new kid on the block? If this thought makes us feel upset, sure we better let it go by now, because we're not ready yet.

Otherwise, if this gives us a kind of electricity, we could be ready but.....

We have to know exactly what kind of life we want to share with our dog, what we want from this relationship.

And more, are we active or lazy persons? Are we quiet or nervous? Because our choise has to be based also on this.

If we like to spend our extra time on a couch, we better forget about getting a jack russell, who's pure energy. Instead if we lead an active life, a bulldog is not for us. And so on...... But there's more....

When we take the decision to get a dog, we have to know what her needs are and all what it takes to keep her healthy and happy.

Dogs need a special food schedule, they need to make mental and physical activity, so that we have to find the time to dedicate to our buddy. They need to be trained and WE need to be trained to understand them

All this involves time and money. We have to know this.

And when a dog gets sick or old, we have to take care of her, in the way she needs.

If at least we decide to get a dog, adpted or bought, we will realize how wonderful and emotional all our days will become. We'll have a best friend than ever and she will never ever let us down, no matter what.

So "To dog or not to dog"??? It's up to you, just remember that A DOG IS FOR LIFE!!!

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