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"Special Dogs"


Dogs are special and "Special Dogs" deserve to live and to lead a normal, happy life as well as any other dog, according with and whatever their handicap is.

People who adopt a dog with a handicap use to think that they need to do is to garantee a warm couch, good food, to give love to the new family member and keep her safe from every life situation considered potentially dangerous, sure that this is all the dog needs.

Absolutely wrong and physically and emotionally unhealthy for the dog!

Dogs need to play, to smell, to interact, to go out and "read the news" on trees, in the grass, on a sidewalk, they need to be trained and to be stimulated, ALL OF THEM!

Otherwise dogs become sad, depressed, they get sick and also can have behavioral changes and disorders.

No matter if a dog has three paws, if she's blind or deaf or she can't walk without a support.

"Special dogs" can and must have a normal life and do whatever make them happy and healthy exactly as any other dog.

A wheelchaired or blind person goes to work, has a social life, hobbies like anyone else.

No exception for the dogs.

Before adopting a "special dog", we need to realize that our life will change forever in every single thing and we'll have to adapt it to the new member. But........ this also happens when we adopt a "normal dog".

When a dog comes into our life, we have to start all over again, no matter her breed, her size, her needs.

One more thing: we don't have to feel sorry for her handicap and send her a message of sadness and failure.

We have to encourage and stimulate our dog, helping her to find the best way to express herself.

We can train her exactly as the other dogs, supporting and understanding her in the right way.

We also can take advantage of our dog's peculiarity, to learn a better body, mind and soul communication and become better human beings, enjoying life with our fourlegged (or maybe three or two) friend.

GIVE ME the PAW - Dog Training has special classes for "special dogs", such as "special obedience",

"special agility" and a lot of funny tricks.

We also organize "special competitions" where everybody has the proof that the only limit is what we humans think is a limit.

Let our dogs inspire and guide us to become better no-limit people, having as usual a lot of fun!

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