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GIVE ME the PAW is a dog training center, whose purpose is to help people and their dogs to improve their relationship and to create a special connection....


This is possible learning a few simple rules and first of all the canine language and last but not least.....  having a lot of fun!!!







I'm a professional and experienced certified dog trainer and  veterinary assistant.


I started to work with dogs in 2002, when I lived in Los Angeles California, but my passion for these adorable animals began when I was a little 3 years old girl and I lived in Italy, where I was born.

 Actually at that time I was scared of dogs and not only.

My aunt Diva introduce me to a little black poodle named Dick and that was the day when my whole life changed...

That gentle fluffy doggy helped me to get through my fears and tought me what interact with a dog means.


During the years, I attended  many courses about dogs and had plenty of experiences working in shelters, with some vets and in some dog training centers.


Now I live in Alvor Portugal and my intent is share all my knowledge and my experience with all those people who want to make the most of their relationship with their dog., because everything, every success, every goal attained starts with a relationship made by a right communication, understanding, respect and joy.


And for who wants to get into a canine discipline, I'm specialized in many of them, as you can see reading the  page "my services".


One of my favourite slogans is "who dares wins!" So take a chanche on your lifetime and come to see us!




The first time I met Helena was in a shelter. 

She was terrified after being kicked on her back and abandoned in a wood. She had many behavioral disorders; she was aggressive, shy, it was evident she had no imprinting at all, she didn't even had the sense of smell and of course she wasn't socialized with dogs neither with people.


One step at the time, she became a spectacular dog! Now she's a multitasking athlete, she runs in agility, scentwork, search and rescue,  obedience, water and pet therapy. 


Helena is also  my co-trainer, 'cause she gives me a paw working with me with puppies and dogs who need to learn the right canine behavior. 

She also graduated "Good Citizen" with honors.


I know I changed her life but actually she changed mine even much more. She's a lovely life mate and I really became a much better person and trainer thanks Helena.


Funny name for a very funny dog......


Disher is a bomb of energy and joy of living disguised in a little tiny doggy.


He comes from a shelter too. He was a HS/HA, that is a serious behavioral disorder.

In the beginning it's been really hard manage with him but, once again, working daily and patiently, Disher became a very very good dog, gentle, nice, curious and more and more focused.


He graduated "Good Citizen" with honors and now he's an amazing fellow, a great agility, water and obedience athlete.

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